Nicole Kidman’s wrecks husband Keith Urban’s car by driving on flat tire


Nicole Kidman drove to her premiere on Monday (29Oct18) on a flat tire, and wrecked the rim on her husband Keith Urban’s car.

According to editors at Entertainment Tonight, the Oscar winner was en route to the Los Angeles premiere of Boy Erased when the car she was travelling in hit a pothole. But with no time to spare, the actress kept on driving, and didn’t stop to change the tire.

“I got to this premiere, but I had a flat tire,” Nicole told ET “We hit a pothole, but we made it! We drove on the flat tire for 10 minutes to get here.

The Big Little Lies actress then shared that the car belonged to her musician husband, and she hadn’t actually broken the news of the damage to the country singer.

“I have not told him,” the Australia actress confessed. “I will be telling him. Anyway, I wrecked the rim. I wish I could say I knew how to change a tire. I can’t cook. I can’t change a tire.”

Nicole’s mishap happened as she was heading to the premiere of the coming of age drama at the Directors Guild Of America, which was written, directed by, and stars her fellow Aussie Joel Edgerton, and her old pal Russell Crowe.

Nicole stars in the film, based on a memoir by Garrard Conley, as the mother of Jared Eamons (Lucas Hedges) the son of a Baptist preacher who is forced to enter gay conversion therapy after his sexual orientation is revealed to his parents.

Joel has praised both Nicole’s performance in the film and her unstarry nature on set.

“She’s so warm, so easygoing,” he told “Nicole doesn’t disappear to her trailer and waste time. She would just sit on the set on a s**tty couch in a weird, backward hotel and wait for the next shot and would laugh at my jokes.

“Nicole made me feel like I was the funniest guy in the world. Maybe she does this with every director.”