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Nikki Sixx: ‘I have very little contact with Motley Crue bandmates’

Rocker Nikki Sixx hasn’t kept in touch with his former Motley Crue bandmates, revealing they were never good friends.
The group split for good at the end of 2015 and the bassist insists they’re not exactly hanging out and chatting about the good old days.
Sixx tells comedian Dean Delray, “We weren’t the best of friends. We were all going in different directions, and I’m OK with that. I’ve reached out to the guys a couple of times. I reached out to Mick (Mars) and asked him if he wanted to do My Favorite Riff, that show that I’m doing on the Sixx Sense YouTube channel, where I sit down with different cool musicians and we just jam together… He was in Nashville, and he can’t… I haven’t really heard from the other guys.”
But Nikki admits he would consider a get together if the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, years after insisting the whole idea of the fabled museum was a bit lame.
“I was, like, ‘It feels kind of like a joke’, and the guys in Motley were, like, ‘Eh’,” he recalls. “They weren’t putting rock bands in there. And I remember when Nirvana got in there, I was, like, ‘Wait! They came out after us!’ And then G N’ R (Guns N’ Roses) went in. And even though G N’ R belonged in there, it was a move to try to get Axl (Rose) and the guys on stage together to try and get a reunion, and we all knew that in the business. And Axl knew that, and that’s why Axl didn’t do it. He didn’t fall for that, and in the end, they ended up getting together.
“So would I do it? I think I probably would. I don’t think it’s a big honour, I don’t think it’s a big, big deal. Because I think the way they’ve handled it, it feels like… favours… Put a band in there because they deserve it.”

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