Nina Agdal carefully selecting work after body shaming drama


Model Nina Agdal is choosing her projects very carefully after exposing her recent body shaming experience.

Last month (Jan18), the Danish beauty, who has posed for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, posted an open letter online, in which she took aim at editors of an unnamed publication for scrapping plans to feature her on their latest cover because her look “deviated” from her portfolio pictures.

Nina won praise from followers on social media for sharing her story, and has now explained that she will try her best to promote body positivity through her upcoming fashion gigs.

“I’m being very selective with what I’m doing right now because this is very important to me. I’m not trying to jump into whatever job jumps up… I just support people that truly believe that all women are beautiful,” she told W magazine.

“Obviously I want to continue modelling, but it is just going to be a different direction where I can speak my own story, too, and not just be a face.”

In her original message, posted on Instagram, Nina uploaded the apparently unused image from the photoshoot, and added in the caption that her agent received “an unapologetic email” announcing the cover’s cancellation because it “did not reflect well on my talent” and “did not fit their market” – even though she has always been open about her athletic build and healthy curves.

The post has now received over 130,000 likes, and while she was concerned about the reaction to the expose at first, Nina is pleased that she spoke out.

“I texted my best friends, and I was on my couch crying. I was freaking out. For 30 minutes I just sat on my couch and cried. It felt like a relief to me, to finally say something this real,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s 25-year-old ex-girlfriend explained. “Instagram is a perception game. It is not f**king reality. So to finally publish something that meant something to me, from me, definitely made me feel super emotional and vulnerable. But I felt happy. I am so happy I did it.”

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