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Nina Dobrev raps on sunscreen track

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev has showed off her comedy chops by recording a new hip-hop ode to suntan lotion.

The actress has teamed up with her The Perks of Being a Wallflower co-star Nicholas Braun for SPF, a rap about the benefits of sun cream, in a clip for Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website.

Dobrev makes ‘gangsta’ gestures and applies sunblock as she raps, “Boy it’s hot, 95 degrees/ I think I’m staying home tonight – what? B**ch, please! See I’ve got the notion/ To head up to the ocean/ Forgot my suntan lotion!”

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Braun rhymes, “I keep tanning, I keep fanning/ I can’t stop it, put your toes in the sand/ And let me hold your hand and while we lather up this lotion, let’s get romantic!”

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