Noel Gallagher blocked brother Liam from using Oasis music over Twitter attacks

Noel Gallagher couldn’t believe the audacity of his estranged brother Liam for requesting permission to use Oasis songs in his documentary As It Was after attacking the rocker and his family online.
The two rockers have been locked in a bitter feud ever since a backstage fight in Paris, France led to the break-up of the Wonderwall hitmakers back in 2009, but their fallout didn’t stop Liam Gallagher from reaching out to his older sibling when he wanted to use some of their old band’s music on film.
Liam lashed out at Noel on Twitter back in February (19), revealing the 52 year old had threatened to sue him if the singer was featured performing any Oasis tracks in As It Was, which chronicles his chart return as a solo artist.
Now Noel has opened up about the controversy, insisting his brother was “f**king dumb” for thinking he could publicly hurl abuse at the guitarist and songwriter, his wife Sara MacDonald, and his kids without retaliation.
Addressing the situation with Variety, he said, “If some f**king moron is going to make a film slagging me off, calling my wife a c**t, after trolling my kids on the Internet, after being a filthy little misogynist sexist prick who cannot keep his f**king mouth off Twitter… then call me to ask me a favour, I’m like, ‘Wow. You are as dumb as you f**king look.’ I don’t give a f**k what music you have in your film; you’re not putting any of mine in.
“It’s like, ‘Can I ask you a favour?’ ‘No, you can’t. Go f**k yourself.’ You’re not using my songs to sell his f**king film.”
And Noel insists he has no plans to check out his brother’s documentary, because just the thought of laying eyes on Liam’s face makes him want to embark on a violent rampage.
“I couldn’t think of a reason that would make me want to watch it, considering that every time I see that c**t’s face, I want to f**king take out a McDonald’s with a machine gun,” he said.
“So I don’t think I’ll be going to the local cinema to watch him rewrite f**king history (about) what a great guy he is; what a wonderful family man. I’ve got better things to do with my time.”