Noomi Rapace inspiring Will Smith’s rap return

Will Smith’s Bright co-star Noomi Rapace has inspired his rap return by introducing him to world music artists he had never heard of.
The former Fresh Prince is working on a rap comeback with sidekick Jazzy Jeff and he admits the actress has been helpful in opening his ears to new music.
“I was sending him songs,” she tells WENN. “We were, like, switching this music. We had this music communication and I’m sending him these weird songs.”
“She was sending me these Moroccan rappers and young Arabic rappers from London,” he adds. “She’s just keeping it going but I’m finding the inspiration that sparks me to get back.”
And Will admits he’s also inspired by his free-spirited son Jaden, explaining he loves the fact his kid truly doesn’t care what people think about his clothing and music and acting choices.
“I’m looking into his eyes and I’m like, ‘You have to care a little bit!'” he smiles. “It is unadulterated freedom that I’m actually jealous of… Jaden’s freedom is inspiring me in a unique way.”
Smith admits he’s just trying to find the right song and the right time to introduce fans to his new music.
“I’ve been sniffing around and getting hyped about it,” he explains. “Me and Jeff started going out a little bit in the last six to eight months. I just gotta find that lane and way back in.
“I make records all the time. I’ve got a ton of stuff I make at the house. I’m just not hyped enough about feeling comfortable about letting it into the world.”