Norman Reedus Prefers to Shoot Scenes Naked


Norman Reedus prefers being naked on set to wearing a “little sock” over his manhood.

The 48-year-old actor has landed the role of a lifetime as Daryl Dixon on cult TV show The Walking Dead, the last season of which his alter ego spent a majority of the episodes undressed and being tortured.

Luckily Norman isn’t fazed by stripping off for the job as he actually prefers baring it all over relying on a small piece of material to hide his manhood.

Discussing the scenes on Monday’s (23Oct17) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the star said, “The thing is, they give you this little sock to wear and you feel weirder with the sock on, you know?”

As curious host Jimmy quizzed Norman about the sock and whether it’s one that has a heel and toe section or is a “specially designed sock”, the actor clarified it’s more like a “pantyhose-looking thing”.

“I did a movie in a shower and they gave me one to wear and in the middle of the take I just ripped it off and threw it at the director’s head because, I was like, this is ridiculous,” he remembered. “But on The Walking Dead I came out in a bath robe and our poor camera crew are all right here (signals a line of people) and I just dropped the robe and I was butt naked. And they all, kind of like they were watching Wimbledon (tennis), they all sort of looked to the left.”

He also joked that he’s become close to a make-up artist who was tasked with “dirtying” certain areas of his body during the series.

Despite becoming a household name thanks to the horror program, about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, Norman didn’t receive a lot of support when first approached to star in it, as he recalled, “It was one of those scripts you get and everyone’s like, ‘Don’t do it.’ It was a stretch, it was out there, you know, but I saw a guy looking for his family and saw a real story and it paid off.”