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Norman Reedus winning prank war with co-star

Actor Norman Reedus is winning a prank war with his The Walking Dead co-star Andrew Lincoln after filling his trailer with chickens.
Reedus began the fun feud by putting a licence plate featuring a picture of his character Daryl Dixon on Lincoln’s car without him noticing. After Lincoln discovered the joke, he vowed to get revenge.
“Somebody sent me a licence plate that is like a 1980s airbrushed (picture) of Daryl Dixon with his hair flying (in the air) and I put it on his car and he never noticed,” Reedus told late night host James Corden. “For months he drove around with this on his car and then he said he was going to get me back and he’s trying to plot (these pranks), but he’s really bad at it.
“(On) the last day of shooting for this last season, he walked into his trailer and I filled it full of chickens. You gotta hit him quick, you know what I mean…”
Lincoln has not been entirely unsuccessful in pranking Reedus – in 2014, he got the best of him when he set up an elaborate scheme involving a fan named Nick Santonastasso, who was born with one arm and no legs. The Brit asked Nick to crawl out from under a table in full living dead makeup during a press interview in a hotel room in Japan.
Reedus was caught on camera yelling and cursing before giving Santonastasso a hug.
After the prank, Lincoln revealed, “I bet 20 bucks that you’d scream,” while Reedus told Santonastasso, “That was awesome… Wow. Good job, you jerk.”

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