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Normani Kordei: ‘I want to be a voice for African American boys and girls’

Fifth Harmony star Normani Kordei has returned to social media with a positive new message.
The singer, who is of African-American descent, turned her back on Twitter after becoming a target of hateful and racist remarks in August (16) following a perceived spat with bandmate Camila Cabello during a Facebook Live interview with Galore magazine.
Her blunt response about the singer’s best qualities sparked rumours of a feud between the two stars, and prompted fans to take sides.
Normani subsequently took to Twitter to dismiss the “foolishness” of some trolls’ comments, revealing she had become accustomed to being the target of “unjust hate and slander”, but she shut down her account a day later, insisting enough was enough.
In a lengthy note on the microblogging site, the 20-year-old admitted she could no longer stand being tormented by racists online, and Normani declared she would be logging off for an extended hiatus.
However, last month (Sep16), she returned to the social media site and announced her new role as a diversity ambassador for non-profit organisation Cybersmile Foundation, which helps victims of online abuse.
“(I want) to turn the situation around and make it positive,” she tells Us Weekly magazine. “I feel like it’s almost my purpose to speak up about my experience so it could help somebody else. The hate is not going to stop, but I needed to make a point that you can’t run away from a bully. You can’t allow someone’s hate to dictate your life. I want to be the voice for those people who are going through the same thing, like little African-American boys and girls getting bullied at school. It wasn’t just, I’m going to get back in to tweet ‘I had a burger today’.”
And Normani has helped launch an online initiative for people who are being bullied.
“We created a hashtag, #ImACybersmiler, and you can make videos and share your stories to show people that you’re not alone, and we can support one another,” she adds. “Knowing that you’re not alone really does make all the difference in the world. I never, ever want to go back to that other place again where I worry about those ugly comments and people who hate. I’m just going to be me.”

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