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O’Mara’s bite fright on movie set

The Life On Mars actor stars in Steven Spielberg’s new show Terra Nova, which is being shot in Australia, and prior to filming, O’Mara was warned about the venomous snakes and spiders he could encounter while shooting outdoors.

During one scene in the rainforest area of the country’s Gold Coast, the actor felt a bite and immediately flew into a frenzy, quickly ripping his clothes off – only for a crew member to tell him it was just an ant bite.

He tells the Sydney Morning Herald, “I felt the bite. I thought it was a pretty serious spider, like a redback. I started screaming like a young girl and ripped my shirt off. I was in a panic until an Aussie crew member came up, looked at the bite and said, ‘That’s just an ant, mate’. I said ‘Are you sure it’s not a spider?’ and he said ‘Nah, mate. It’s just a fire ant’.”

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