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O-Town singer’s parents hospitalised after car crash

Former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel has asked fans to pray for his parents after they were hospitalised following a collision with an alleged drunk driver.
The singer took to Instagram.com on Tuesday (23Feb16) to break the news to fans, revealing his folks Ron and Paula Parker had barely escaped with their lives after Monday night’s (22Feb16) accident.
“Last night I got the worst phone call that anyone can get about a loved one,” the 34-year-old wrote in a caption to accompany a recent photo of himself with his mum. “My parents were in a head on collision yesterday evening with a drunk driver.”
“My mom was driving and got the worst of it,” he continued. “She is in the ICU (intensive care unit) and will have to undergo multiple surgeries as she has broken nearly every bone in her body. It took the fire crews over an hour to cut her out of the car.”
Ashley is now calling on fans to say a little prayer for his parents, who are fighting for their lives in critical condition, during the family’s difficult time.
“This is such a senseless tragedy, I can’t understand how anybody can get behind the wheel after drinking,” the star added. “Please say a prayer for my Mom and Dad.”

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