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Obsessed Moby fan allegedly violates restraining order

An obsessed Moby fan reportedly violated her restraining order by showing up at his home at the weekend (20-21May17).
The electronic dance star was granted the order against Kelly Lord in December (16), after she was spotted on his Hollywood Hills property trying to make off with a package addressed to him and arrested for petty theft.
Lord, who had reportedly shown up at the house on a number of other occasions, was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Moby’s home, workplace and car, but she allegedly violated those terms on Saturday when she appeared near his property.
According to TMZ.com, Moby, real name Richard Hall, was at home when his security team checked out surveillance footage on Saturday morning and noticed Lord outside his place, although she didn’t actually get onto the property.
Police officers were called but Lord was no longer on the scene when they arrived.

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