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Octavia Spencer rejected by director pal for role in The Girl on the Train

Octavia Spencer is “mad” at her director pal Tate Taylor after he ignored her pleas for a cameo role in The Girl on the Train.
The Oscar winner was desperate to reteam with her The Help filmmaker for the new thriller, and offered to do anything to feature in the big screen adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ gripping book, which stars Emily Blunt as a drunk divorcee.
Taylor told Entertainment Tonight, “Octavia was so funny. She was so mad she wasn’t in this movie. I said, ‘Octavia, there’s no part,’ and she says, ‘What if I’m the ticket taker?’ I said, ‘I cannot have you in a conductor’s outfit, punching tickets!’ She says, ‘Why not?’ I go, ”’Cause it will stop the movie!’ She’s a little p**sed she’s not the ticket taker.”
He confesses he seriously considered granting Octavia her wish, but decided her guest appearance in such a tiny role would have left audiences baffled.
“It would’ve ruined the movie! You can’t,” he continued. “I thought about it, but it would ruin the movie.”
However, Taylor was able to cast one of his other favourite ladies, Octavia’s The Help co-star Allison Janney.
Admitting she has become somewhat of a muse, he gushed, “She is so giving. She’s been in everything I’ve ever done. Stuff you guys have never even seen or heard about…”
Taylor scored his first big hit with Janney in The Help, and they had so much fun, she asked to be involved in all of his future projects, “no matter what”.
The filmmaker has stuck to his promise ever since, and he thought Janney would be the perfect actress to give one of the police investigators in The Girl on the Train a gender-bending twist.
“I found an opportunity (with) this movie about women to change the detective from the predictable a**hole male detective questioning Rachel,” he explained. “I said, ‘How interesting would it be if it was a female detective and she’s going at her too?’ Because Allison is pretty aggressive. So I said, ‘I’m going to make it Allison.’ And that’s it!”
And there’s a third actress Taylor always enjoys working with – Melissa McCarthy, who featured in his 2008 movie Pretty Ugly People.
The pair came close to reuniting for the comedienne’s 2014 release Tammy, but Taylor had to withdraw from the project, which her husband, Ben Falcone, took over, and now they are struggling to find time to work together again.
“Every time I call Melissa, she’s like, ‘I’m busy!’ Which is true, but we’re gonna figure it out,” he vowed.

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