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Olivia Colman bitten by a dog on Murder on the Orient Express set

Actress Olivia Colman was bitten by a dog on the set of Murder On The Orient Express.
The Broadchurch star had to fight off one of the pets belonging to co-star Dame Judi Dench’s royal character in the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s thriller.
Castmate Michelle Pfeiffer tells U.K. show Lorraine it was a joy to have such well-behaved dogs on the set, adding “the little black one might have bit Olivia a few times (sic). I don’t think that one liked her very much.”
Meanwhile, Michelle admits she was completely “star struck” the first time she met Dame Judi.
“I just cried…,” she says. “I had tears coming down my face…”
But the fact she was acting alongside acting royalty helped Pfeiffer up her game: “I’m acting in front of Judi Dench, and I’m thinking, ‘OK, you cannot bomb in front of Judi Dench. This just can’t happen’.”

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