Olivia Colman trying to keep Oscar dreams in check


Olivia Colman is desperately trying not to get too excited about fulfilling her dream of winning an Oscar.

The British actress stars as Britain’s last Stuart monarch Queen Anne in The Favourite and is among those tipped to take home the Academy Award for Best Actress next year (19) after winning numerous critics’ and film festival prizes.

Although the 44-year-old has always wanted to win an Oscar, she’s desperately trying to keep her emotions in check to avoid the disappointment of losing out to rivals like Glenn Close or Lady Gaga.

“If I’m really honest, I’ve always dreamed of holding an Oscar,” Olivia tells The Guardian. “But I’m really trying to sort of keep everything in check, keep calm. This is silly. What are the chances? I don’t want to get excited. I don’t want to face that disappointment. I just want to be on an even keel.”

Instead, the mother-of-three says she’ll be focusing on her life outside film to keep her mind off things.
She adds; “I’m a mum, a wife, I’m a mate. I’m other things. You can see how people get sort of swept into it and I want to stay sane.”

Her two co-stars, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, who play two courtiers vying for Anne’s affections, have already won Oscars but are also among the favourites in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Emma, 30, says that she finds the narrative that pits women up for awards up against each other bizarre – as in her experience men are far more competitive.

“I find it very strange,” she explains. “The narrative attached to women that they are in competition. I’ve felt more competitive energy from men – at least in work experiences. It’s almost like sibling rivalry. Or perhaps there’s something threatening about a woman asserting herself in that dynamic.”