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Olivia Newton-John: ‘I choose to believe ex-boyfriend is lost at sea’

Olivia Newton-John is convinced her ex-lover Patrick McDermott is dead after he went missing during a fishing trip, despite sightings of him in Mexico.
Two detectives, who have attempted to track him down, believe McDermott faked his own death to avoid a series of debts, but his former girlfriend feels sure he’s lost at sea.
The Coast Guard declared McDermott had “most likely drowned”, and the Grease star chooses to agree with that.
“It was very hard, he was lost at sea and nobody really knows what happened,” the 68-year-old tells Australian news show 60 Minutes.
“It’s human to wonder but, you know, those are the things in life you have to accept and let go. Because whenever you go through difficult times, there’s always those concerns.
“I live on and of course questions come up, always, it’s human.”
The singer/actress dated cameraman McDermott on and off for nine years, following her divorce from Matt Lattanzi in 1995.
She finally found love with John Easterling and the couple wed in 2008, three years after McDermott’s disappearance off the coast of San Pedro, California.

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