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Olivia Newton-John learned of cancer diagnosis on the day her dad died

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with cancer on the same day she lost her father.
The Grease star was awaiting the results of biopsy tests after visiting her sick dad in Australia when she heard the devastating news, when she was 44.
The Xanadu singer learned the lump she discovered on her breast was benign but a follow-up surgical biopsy revealed she was battling cancer.
“The day I got back and we were going on vacation… (and) I got a phone call at the airport and that was to say that my father had died and my ex-husband didn’t tell me at the time,” she tells Access Hollywood Live, “and then the doctors were asking to see me, so I knew.
“It all kinda happened on the same weekend… I had to cancel my tour. It was a very traumatic time, but I just had to think about myself at that time and focus.”
Olivia is now cancer free and she has become an advocate for victims and survivors alike, and she has tips and advice for women to help them avoid the disease – get help immediately if something feels wrong.
“I recommend that you do a self-examination breast examination every month because that’s how I found my lump… and then if it changes, you need to keep a track of yourself…” she explains. “Go and see a doctor and have a thermogram or a mammogram.
“And eat well and think well; I think your mind has a lot to do with it – positive thinking and feeling good about life has a lot to do with your body because your immune system is affected by your thoughts.”
Meanwhile, for those struggling with cancer, the singer suggests others should speak on your behalf, so you don’t have to keep talking about the disease.
“You have to put yourself first and you have to find time in every day that is just for you,” she tells the news show, “and try not to talk about it. Have someone else talk about what you’re doing and your treatment… so you can focus on healing, meditation or prayer or exercise or whatever makes you feel good.”

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