Olivia Wilde and Ellen DeGeneres cut Jason Sudeikis’ hair


Olivia Wilde and Ellen Degeneres have taken it upon themselves to cut Jason Sudeikis‘ hair.

The Horrible Bosses actor made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs in the U.S. on Monday (18Mar19), to promote his new film Booksmart, which his fiancee Olivia directed.

But partway through the chat, Ellen asked Jason about his shaggy hairstyle, and how he had been growing his long locks for a movie that ended up being “pushed” – with Olivia then walking onto the stage and declaring that it was time for a haircut.

“We think it’s long,” said the host, as Olivia gestured to her own hair and noted, “There is only one of these allowed in our house.”

Once the 43-year-old was sat in the barber’s chair, Ellen placed a cape of his head and she and Olivia began spraying his strands with water bottles for a “little spritzing”.

After Jason announced that the look he wanted was “human man,” the duo began randomly chopping off pieces of his hair – much to the amazement of the audience, who simultaneously groaned and cheered.

“This is fantastic. Do you like a mullet?” asked Ellen, to which Jason answered, “Metaphorically yes.”

Examining their handiwork, Olivia noticed that she had a much looser technique.
“Oh look, yours is all combed! I just went rogue,” the 35-year-old exclaimed.

Ellen also combed out Jason’s fringe, and as viewers gave out a collective sigh, proceeded to cut it in a straight line.

Looking more and more anxious, Jason could only respond with short phrases such as “I’m like a bonsai tree,” and “This feels like I’m on Fear Factor. Holy smokes!”

Once the trim was complete, Ellen announced that Jason’s hair would be put up for auction and the proceeds will go to charity.