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Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry hospitalised after Thanksgiving brawl

Both men sustained injuries and were taken to the emergency room after the fight, which reportedly began after Canadian model Aubry showed up at the actress’ Los Angeles home to drop off his and Berry’s daughter Nahla for the U.S. holiday.

It is unclear what sparked the feud but reports suggest punches were thrown after the French actor told Aubry, “We have to move on,” in regards to Berry’s ongoing custodial feud with her ex-partner.

According to TMZ.com, Gabriel suffered a broken rib and contusions on his face, while Martinez is believed to have broken his hand and hurt his neck.

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Martinez allegedly made a citizen’s arrest for battery against Aubry when cops arrived at the scene.

A judge has since issued an emergency restraining order banning Aubry from coming withing 300 feet (91 metres) of Berry and her family.

Earlier this month (Nov12), Berry lost her bid to move with Nahla and Martinez to Paris when a judge ruled in favour of Gabriel, who petitioned to stop her plan.

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