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Olympics brought back gymnastic memories for Richard Gere

The Pretty Woman star reveals he was an energetic young sportsman in college, but even his son Homer didn’t believe him when he tried to convince the child that he had once been swinging from the rings and somersaulting his way around the mat.

He says, “We called it side horse then, but it’s pommel horse (now), and rings… I was very strong.

“When the Olympics were on, my son is 12 years old, and when we were watching, he goes, ‘Wow, Dad, look at that’, and I’m thinking, ‘I did some of that.'”

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Gere admits he had to prove his skills to his son using photo evidence – from an image that had been hanging on the wall in their house for years.

He adds, “There’s a picture up in the hallway of me in high school with a side horse. I’d just finished a routine and I’m pumped and I stick the dismount, and I brought him up there to look at that picture and he’d never noticed it!”

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