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Omar Sy fell into Venice canal shooting Inferno

French actor Omar Sy was accidentally knocked into a canal in Venice, Italy on his first day shooting Tom Hanks movie Inferno.
The Jurassic World star joined director Ron Howard and leading man Hanks for the second sequel to The Da Vinci Code thriller, based on the books by Dan Brown, but his initial scenes didn’t quite go to plan.
Howard recalled the incident during a cast interview on location in Florence, Italy for U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, quipping, “On the very first shot of the movie, he accidentally fell into the canals of Venice!”
As Omar burst into laughter, Hanks clarified the story, hinting Howard was the actual culprit: “He was knocked into the canals of Venice by the guy with the camera, wasn’t he?”
Hanks reprises his role as Dr. Robert Langdon for Inferno, his seventh movie collaboration with Howard, and the filmmaker enjoyed taking their shoot to Venice and Florence, after previously working in Rome and Paris, France on the franchise movies.
Ron explained, “This is the kind of movie where you get to go to places like this and go on location, and you pull everyone together, whether it’s two weeks or two months, you tend to go out to dinner, you tend to go see the places (sights)…”
However, Hanks jokingly insisted he barely saw his castmates, including Felicity Jones and Ben Foster, during their time off-camera.
Interrupting Ron, he commented, “What a bunch of malarkey! I hardly ever saw Ben; I saw him, he was coming into a read through once. Omar and I don’t speak the same language, (and) Felicity was really showing her mum around Florence!”

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