Oprah Winfrey welcomes WeightWatchers dieters to her Hawaiian home

Oprah Winfrey has thrown open the doors of her Hawaiian estate to 10 lucky WeightWatchers (WW) fans to celebrate their slimming achievements at a special brunch.
The media mogul, a spokeswoman and co-owner of the brand, agreed to have the winners of a WW contest flown out to her Maui home on Friday (28Jun19) to spend the day with her and share a meal to toast to their ongoing health journeys, and Oprah enjoyed meeting the group and hearing stories about its experiences with the lifestyle programme.
“The highlight for me is being able to have people express their sense of celebration and pride in their accomplishment,” the 65-year-old star tells People.com.
“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and to see how that lifestyle and taking steps to change the way you eat and how accountability for that eating changes everything about your life… WW is actually happening and manifesting in people’s lives in a way that makes a difference.”
And Oprah, who herself has shed 42 pounds (19 kilograms) since investing in WW in 2015, admits it was the first time she had ever allowed strangers into her private paradise, where her guests were invited to meet her horses, take a dip in her swimming pool, and enjoy a hike on the spacious compound.
“This is one of the places that brings the most joy to me,” she explains. “I actually have great reverence for this space and… I don’t share this with a lot of people. Some of my close, close, closest friends have been seated at this table.
“But l thought particularly for WW members who have been on this journey of self-improvement, self-evolvement, self-betterment for themselves that it would be a great reward to experience this because what’s really exquisite about this property is not the house, but it’s the sacredness of the land.
“You are surrounded by sky, trees, ocean, forest in the backyard, all of nature, God expressing itself as nature and there’s sort of a peace that comes,” Oprah continues. “So I felt like for me, that’s my greatest reward, and so to be able to share that with other people was a reward for a job well done.”