Oscar winner Regina King loves her future as an action woman


Regina King has found a new lease on life as an action star after landing a 26-year-old stunt double for her new show Watchmen.

The actress admits she was part of the nationwide search for the right person, who would carry out all her dangerous stunts – and she was thrilled to learn her look-alike was in her mid-20s.

“They really took their time and looked far and wide for a double that resembled me, and she is 26 years old,” the 48-year-old If Beale Street Could Talk star beams. “I’ll be playing an action woman until I’m, like, 66, so it will be a while.”

But the 2019 Oscar winner admits her role as Angela Abar in the upcoming comic book series was still a big challenge – even if she didn’t have to do all her own stunts.

“I had to conquer fears that I really didn’t even know I had,” she explains.

The new Watchmen series begins in October 2019.