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Hollywood.com reaches the ultimate movie and celebrity fan who is an avid consumer of movie, TV, DVD, celebrity and show business news and information.  With over 3.5 million monthly users, Hollywood.com users are the ideal entertainment evangelists for your product and service. 

Audience  Overview:

  • Male/Female:  48%/52%
  • Adults Age 18-49:  69%
  • Attended college:  60%
  • Employed Full-Time:  52%
  • Annual Household Income between $75K-$100K:  22%

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Extremely Heavy Online Shoppers
Last six months Index
Visit TV show chat rooms     139
Watch TV entertainment news 139
Went to 2+ movies in-theater in last 30 days 124
View 6-20 video streams/day 150
Purchased DVDs online in last 6 months 143
Purchased a  videogame console in last 6 months 281
Attended a major sporting event on vacation in last 12 months 153
First to buy new gadgets 141
Spend 11+ hours playing video games a week 189

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Source:  comScore Feb. 2008, U.S.

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