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Overstreet won’t appear in Playgirl

The hunky actor, who plays a singing football player in the musical TV show, was offered up to $100,000 (£667,000) to show off his toned torso for the raunchy publication – but he said no.

A Playgirl spokesperson tells EOnline.com, “We couldn’t work it out. Chord’s people decided against it.”

Playgirl bosses also missed out on another celebrity spread after they snubbed an opportunity to buy leaked photos which allegedly featured Kanye West baring all.

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The rapper hit the headlines last month (Oct10) when shots of a man nude from the stomach down began circulating online, with several websites claiming it was West in the snaps – and now Playgirl’s editors regret losing out on the scoop.

The rep adds, “It would have cost us $100,000 (to buy the West shots), and we said no. We should have said yes.”

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