Ozzy Osbourne Seriously Injured in Accident

Ozzy Osbourne was seriously hurt Monday, suffering broken bones and internal
bleeding after crashing an all-terrain vehicle on his Buckinghamshire estate
in the English countryside, Reuters reports.

The 55-year-old rocker was rushed into emergency surgery to address the
eight ribs, neck vertebra and collarbone broken in the crash. Osbourne‘s collarbone was lifted off of an artery to alleviate pressure thought to be constricting blood flow to
his arm.

Doctors also staunched some bleeding in the singer’s
lungs, his publicist Cindy Guagenti said. His injuries are not considered life threatening; however, doctors said Tuesday the singer will remain on a ventilator for one more day.

“We have begun,
slowly begun, the process of getting him off the ventilator,” Dick Jack,
medical director of the undisclosed hospital where Osbourne is being
treated, told reporters. “His progress is steady. He is stable, he is comfortable and
satisfactory but it’s going to be slow and I don’t expect any major changes,
certainly for 24 hours.”

The rocker and reality show star was in England promoting the softened
version of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” he duets on with daughter Kelly. Wife
Sharon flew in from the U.S. to be at his side while he recovers.

Bill Greer,
Osbourne‘s tour manager, said of Sharon and Kelly, who visited Osbourne not
long after he came out of surgery, “I know they spent some time just
talking with him and being by his side.”

Osbourne, the former frontman for 1970’s heavy metal band Black Sabbath and solo star in the 1980s, has
become a star on television as well over the past few years with his
wildly successful MTV reality show The Osbournes, which also stars
Sharon and their children Jack and Kelly.

Just days ago, Osbourne told the Los Angeles Times that his sometimes incoherent and
confused manner on the show was due not to his previous abuse of illegal
drugs, but to the over prescription of drugs by a Beverly Hills doctor who is currently
under investigation for overprescribing medication to eight other patients.

The medications were prescribed to alleviate Osbourne‘s depression and
anxiety over wife Sharon‘s ultimately successful battle with colon cancer last year.