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Ozzy Osbourne’s ex-mistress beefs up lawsuit against daughter

Ozzy Osbourne’s former mistress has filed a complaint against the rocker’s daughter Kelly, accusing her of targeting the hairdresser for financial gain.
Michelle Pugh filed an amended lawsuit against the TV personality earlier this week (beg26Sep16), a month after she initially served Kelly with papers.
The new complaint obtained by People alleges the 31-year-old “stimulated controversy for the purpose of making money” and promoting her upcoming book, There’s No F**king Secret.
Pugh accuses Kelly of publicly disclosing “private facts” and causing “intentional infliction of emotional distress”.
Osbourne targeted the hairdresser, who had a four-year affair with her father, posted her phone number on social media and accused her of elder abuse.
The affair led to a brief marriage split for Kelly’s parents, but they have since gotten back together, and Ozzy has sought out therapy for sex addiction. Pugh has claimed the affair made her a target for scrutiny and bullying.
Her lawyer Edie Mermelstein tells People, “Yes, we have free speech in this country but this is more than free speech. This is hate speech and it’s defamatory and it incites bullying and discloses personal information and that’s when it rises to a different level.”
Pugh also alleges Kelly obtained her private number by using software to unblock unlisted numbers.
In August (16) the hairdresser told People she had no regrets about her Ozzy romance, stating, “You happen to meet someone and you have an amazing connection and it’s not desirable to act upon it. End of story… Love is never a mistake. Even when it’s messy and even when it hurts.”
Kelly Osbourne has yet to respond to Pugh’s amended suit.

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