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Paloma Faith: ‘I want Chrissy Teigen to be my best friend!’

Paloma Faith developed an obsession with Chrissy Teigen after working with her husband John Legend.
The 36-year-old singer teamed up with John for new track I’ll Be Gentle, which features on her upcoming album The Architect. When she and John joined forces to record the tune, the Ordinary People star suggested she would get on well with his spouse, American model Chrissy.
“John and I got on really well,” Paloma told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “It was really weird because he was saying to me, ‘You’d really love my wife, you’d really get on with her’. And when people say that to me, I’m usually like, ‘Yeah whatever.'”
However, after John and Paloma went their separate ways, the redheaded singer decided to look Chrissy up online. And thanks to the mother-of-one’s social media profile, Paloma was soon hooked.
“After I left, I looked her (Chrissy) up and I became obsessed by her!” Paloma laughed. “But I never got to meet her. Now I’m just like, ‘OMG (oh my God), this woman is the best thing ever.'”
And if she ever did get the chance to meet Chrissy, Paloma isn’t entirely sure what she would say.
“I’m kind of a bit in awe, I don’t know what I’d do! I think I’d be a bit like, ‘BFF (best friend forever)?'” she smiled.
Paloma is making her return to the music scene after giving birth to her first child with partner Leyman Lahcine in December, 2016. Following the birth, the Crybaby singer focused entirely on her newborn – a novel prospect for an otherwise prolific musician.
“I’ve never had a break, before I’ve always been working – gigs and writing all the time – I’ve never stopped working since I started this job,” she explained. “When I had the baby, it’s the first time I’ve literally stopped and done no singing, no writing, no work, no gigs.”

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