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Paltrow refurbishing Dickens’ club

The Oscar-winner already mixes acting with motherhood, singing, TV work, cooking and writing – and now she has taken on another task after investing in the British capital’s Arts Club, which was co-founded by Dickens in 1863.

The club has undergone an estimated $32 million (£20 million) makeover, and instead of just helping fund the refurbishment, Paltrow has been involved in choosing the look of the venue and adding a touch of Hollywood glamour.

She tells Britain’s Style magazine, “I think we have managed to create a very special place. A lot of thought and time and love went into how we could open a club that was a place we wanted to be. We have kept it centred on art and music, and so its vibrancy will be unique and exciting.

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“I imagine I will be using the club a few times a week. The upstairs is the perfect place for a breakfast or lunch meeting, and the drawing rooms are just beautiful. The restaurant is serving world-class food. Also we are finishing the nightclub… There really isn’t anything like it in London at the moment. So I imagine between eat, drink, work and play, I shall be there very frequently indeed.”

The club is due to re-open later this month (Sep11).

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