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Pamela Anderson Profile

Bleach blonde, buxom but muscular bombshell Pamela Anderson stands out in any crowd as one of the sex-symbols of the mid-1990s. Known first as a spokesmodel for Labatts beer, and then as one of Playboy magazine’s most popular models, Anderson gained international recognition after she was cast as C.J., the sweet but tough lifeguard in the impossibly-tight orange bathing suit in the phenomenally popular syndicated television series “Baywatch.” Her popularity, has led to several film roles, notably that of the black leather bustier-wearing title heroine in the comic-book actioner “Barb Wire” (1996). The role was appropriate, for there is something indeed cartoonish about Anderson who has “enhanced” her petite frame with big-blonde hairdos, surgically inflated lips, and silicon breast implants.

Anderson made a splash on the day she was born as the first “centennial baby” in her region of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Anderson first attracted media notice in 1989 when a roving camera caught a glimpse of her during a professional football game in Vancouver. The picture of the cheering Anderson, who was wearing a Labatt’s t-shirt at the time, was simultaneously shown on the arena’s Jumbotron screen. Though her body was, surgically-speaking, still in its original condition, her attributes and beauty were enough to cause a sensation. Labatt’s executives remembered the crowd’s positive reaction and hired her to become the brewery’s spokeswoman.

She attracted the attention of Playboy and was hired to do a photo layout. Anderson has since gone on to appear on the magazine’s cover an unprecedented five times. Once in Hollywood, she changed her appearance, and soon found work guest-starring on television shows. Her first recurring role was on the ABC sitcom “Home Improvement” where she played Lisa, the Tool Time Girl. Anderson made her film debut playing a cheerleader in the low-budget action “The Taking of Beverly Hills” (1992). She has also appeared in a few television movies, including “Come Die With Me: A Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer Mystery” (1994).

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In 1998, Anderson returned to television as executive producer and star of the successful syndicated series “V.I.P.” In an effort to downplay her buxom image, Anderson had her breast implants removed in 1999. Her voluptuous appearance in 2001 has led to speculation that has reconsidered implants.

In recent years, Anderson’s personal life has made her as famous as her professional one. In 1995, she married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and gave birth to a son, Brandon. Their stormy relationship weathered Lee’s substance abuse and a stolen honeymoon sex video, but Anderson filed for divorce in 1996. The couple reconciled and renewed their vows a month later, then had another son, Dylan, in 1997. Anderson was granted a divorce in 1998 following an allegedly violent incident that resulted in Lee receiving a six-month sentence for felony abuse. In early 1999, they reconciled but soon separated again. Anderson dated model Marcus Schenkenberg from 2000 to early 2001, then briefly dated video producer Stavors Merjos before reconciling again with Tommy Lee.

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