Paris Hilton attempts to prove that she invented the selfie

Paris Hilton has attempted to prove her claim that she invented the selfie.
The hotel heiress hit headlines earlier this year (17) when she claimed that she was responsible for coming up with the move of turning the camera on yourself to take a snap.
And on Sunday, Paris took to Twitter in an attempt to back up her claim with “proof”.
Sharing two pictures of herself and singer Britney Spears taken in 2006, Paris wrote: “11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!”
While her post has so far received more than 32,000 retweets, not everyone was convinced by Paris’ statement. One cited Madonna’s “selfie” from 1985 movie Desperately Seeking Susan, writing: “Madonna took a selfie in 1985. Watch Desperately Seeking Susan….”
Another referenced a scene from 1991 film Thelma and Louise, while a third shared a snap allegedly taken in 1910, showing a man pointing a camera into a mirror to take a picture of himself. “1910 one of the first mirror selfies,” the person wrote.
Paris’ attempt to prove her claim comes after she told W magazine she had invented the concept of the selfie.
“If a beeper had a camera, I would have taken a selfie with it,” she explained to the publication. “I think I have a selfie from when I was a little kid, like on a disposable camera.”
Paris first found fame through reality show The Simple Life and her infamous sex tape 1 Night in Paris. However, discussing celebrities today, the 36-year-old added to W that she believes social media has made it easier for anyone to find fame.
“We started a whole new genre of celebrity that no one had ever seen before,” she said. “Nowadays, I feel like it’s so easy becoming famous. Anybody with a phone can do it.”