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Paris Hilton’s secret charity work around the globe

The reality TV star and business mogul is known for her jet-setting and party-loving lifestyle, but her mother Kathy insists there’s a more down-to-earth side of Paris which she doesn’t always like to publicise or shout about when she’s keeping fans up-to-date on her Twitter.com blog.

Kathy Hilton tells PR.com, “What people don’t realise is that she does a lot of things very quietly. We have a lot of events at our home, where there are no cameras. We work very closely with Starlight (Children’s Foundation) and Make-A-Wish (Foundation), and we do not allow any press in. We don’t allow the parents to bring cameras in. We play with the kids, we colour with them… we bake and we do arts and crafts. I think if you are going to do something nice you don’t have to have (cameras from U.S. news show) Entertainment Tonight following you around.

“Whatever country Paris is in, she will go to an orphanage, she will go visit children because that’s her thing. So you don’t see and hear all about that because then it looks like you are doing it for show. I have had my girls helping, whether it was stuffing goody bags or selling raffle tickets, getting involved with every single charity that I have ever been involved with since they were five or six years old.”

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