Paris Jackson celebrates brother’s 21st birthday with family home video


Paris Jackson helped her brother Prince celebrate his 21st birthday overnight by sharing home video footage of the siblings as kids.

Prince didn’t turn 21 until Tuesday (13Feb18), but his little sister decided to start the celebrations early on Monday night from New York, explaining it was already Tuesday where she was.

The model and actress took to Instagram to share the family footage, adding the caption: “it’s not your birthday for another half hour but i flew to the east coast today so technically i’m already two and a half hours late! so i’m posting this now.

“My dearest brother. I could fly to the moon and back a thousand times and the distance still wouldn’t amount to how much I adore you.

“I’ve always looked up to you, and to this day you’re still the greatest role model I could ever hope for. I miss playing hot wheels and my little pony (sic) with you, I miss fighting like pirates and trying to cast spells with our Harry Potter wands.”

In the video, Prince and Paris dance to background music.

She added: “i miss the saturdays where we would sleep in and eat porridge and OJ (orange juice) and watch gargoyles and transformers (and sometimes cartoons in arabic?), and staying up late listening to you tell us wild bed time stories that always had a crazy twist at the end.

“you’ve always been my best friend in the whole wide universe and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. i couldn’t have wished for our friendship to turn out any better. we may not have our water guns and crash bandicoot, but we have so much more. you’re the most fun, genuine, determined and hilarious person i know. and it makes ma soul happy to know dat i can always count on you (sic), and no matter where we are in the world and in life, my home is with you and the little guy (younger brother Blanket). i love you so much, gooko. i’m so proud of you. happy birthday.”