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Paris Jackson pranks Taylor Lautner by pretending to be obsessed Australian fan

Paris Jackson prank called her pal Taylor Lautner this week by pretending to be an obsessed Australian fan.
The 19-year-old star, the daughter of late legend Michael Jackson, appeared on Australia’s Hamish & Andy radio show when she decided to have a laugh at her friend’s expense.
After dialling up Taylor, Paris told him she was with a fan who “really wanted” to talk to him.
Switching up her voice, Paris then pretended to be the fan, called Rachel, starting her conversation with the former Twilight star by gushing: “Oh my god, Taylor. I don’t think you understand. I have so many dreams about you. Do you really turn into a wolf?”
A clearly bemused Taylor then broke the news that he’s actually all human, to which ‘Rachel’ replied: “I dream about your paws on me, and I just dream that one day you’ll come to the land down under.”
The 25-year-old actor struggled to hide his embarrassment as he admitted: “Wow, you’re, um, making me blush here.”
But ‘Rachel’ was unwilling to let the conversation end there, apologising before asking Taylor: “Now, tell me, do you like Crocodile Dundee?”
After Taylor replied, “Um yeah. Absolutely”, the show co-hosts let the actor know that he’d been pranked.
“This is one of the weirdest phone calls I’ve ever gotten,” the actor laughed.
The radio presenters praised Paris after the prank, sharing a video of the call on their Twitter page and writing: “Having never done an Aussie accent in her life, @ParisJackson uses one to convince a famous friend she’s someone else…”
Paris replied to the tweet, writing: “SUCH an honour meeting you legends.”

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