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Parker: ‘Longoria divorce has been hard’

The Desperate Housewives actress ended her three-year marriage to basketball star Parker in November (10) amid allegations of his infidelity, and their split was made official in January (11).

Parker reveals he’s learning from his “mistakes” and has thrown himself into his career with the San Antonio Spurs to “escape” from his personal troubles.

He tells French radio station Europe1, “(Divorce) was hard but life goes on. Like anyone else, I’ve learned that life is full of experiences, and you learn from your mistakes. And go on. No one’s perfect. It’s never easy.”

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But the sportsman refuses to let the divorce get him down – because his relationship problems are trivial compared to other, more pressing issues around the world.

He says, “I’ve been really lucky in life. I’ve super family, friends – that’s what’s most important. When you look around with what’s going on in the world – with sick children, people in real difficulties – I have no right to complain.”

Longoria recently revealed she is relying on religion to pull her through her struggles, writing on her Twitter.com page: “Starting over is hard to do, but life goes on. I pray for strength, courage and wisdom on my new journey.”

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