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Parker Posey turned down Girl, Interrupted role

The Dazed and Confused star was one of the actresses being courted for the part of sociopath Lisa Rowe in the 1999 drama, which also featured Winona Ryder and Whoopi Goldberg, but Posey confesses she didn’t want to figure out her complicated character so she rejected the chance to audition.

She tells CNN.com, “What I did pass on that may surprise you is Girl, Interrupted. The Angelina Jolie role… I just didn’t care enough about it. I don’t know. There was something about it. They probably wanted me to audition and I didn’t feel like doing it, or maybe they wanted me to jump through hoops and I didn’t feel like doing it.

“Honestly, I just didn’t care about it enough to be grounded in it… And she won the Academy Award! Isn’t that funny?”

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