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Parker turned down Lovelace role for children

When the actress’ namesake Sarah Jessica Parker was confirmed as Steinem in Lovelace, many news outlets suggested insiders who had preempted the casting announcement had simply mixed up the names – but the Weeds star admits she was the first person producers went to following embattled Moore’s departure from the project last month (Jan12).

Her rep has explained that Mary Louise passed on the part because she already had a prior engagement, which conflicted with the film’s Los Angeles shooting schedule.

According to the New York Daily News, the 47-year-old Big Apple resident was scheduled to serve as a parent chaperone on a recent classroom trip with her two kids – William, eight, and Caroline, five – and she didn’t want to disappoint them by giving up her duty.

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Moore dropped out of the project last month (Jan12) after she was hospitalised for exhaustion.

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