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Pastore’s rep hits back at rapper’s video shoot claims

The 64 year old signed up to appear in Testa’s promo for his new record, Paper Chaser, alongside his The Sopranos co-star Joseph R. Gannascoli.

But the hip-hop star claims Pastore sparked an argument with his demands and then failed to show up to a scheduled shoot in New York on Wednesday (19Jan11).

Testa tells the New York Post’s gossip column PageSix, “At the last minute, Vincent didn’t like the negotiated terms for the video, so I gave him some choice words. He says he’s not turning up. He wants a limo to pick him up because of the rain. I called him and said, ‘Take a cab, and I’ll pay for it.’

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“But he gets very rude and disrespectful, starts cursing on the phone, saying… ‘I need a private car to pick me up. I am not leaving my f**king house to get into a car accident to film your video.’ I said to him, ‘Listen to me, you fat motherf**ker, if you don’t turn up to my video shoot, I’ll stomp on your head.’ He then sent a text to Joe (Gannascoli) saying he was just threatened by me. This isn’t The Sopranos… He thinks he is Kim Kardashian.”

But Pastore’s agent has brushed off the claims, admitting he knows nothing of the alleged dispute and insisting the actor wouldn’t make such demands.

The spokesman tells the publication, “This is the first I’ve heard of this. Vinnie has always been a down-to-earth guy. On a movie, they pick you up; it’s normal treatment. I don’t think he would expect star treatment.”

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