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Patricia Arquette’s Oscars speech cost her roles

Actress Patricia Arquette’s fair pay speech at the 2015 Academy Awards has cost her film roles.
The Boyhood star used her Best Supporting Actress triumph last year (15) to address wage equality, and now she claims her outspoken views put filmmakers off hiring her.
A year on from the much-publicised moment, she tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, “Really, before I said it, I knew there was gonna be some drama, because it would cost people money, but there are 33 million women and kids that are living in poverty in America, with a full-time working mum. So, we need to address this and we need to address this right away.”
“I knew that it could cost me a lot of jobs, because my industry would be part of these companies who would have to pay people more or fairly,” she adds to WENN. “I’ve lost two movies because of that and I’m OK with that. One (film executive) said something very dumb that made it very obvious that was the reason. That person’s been fired, not because of me; I think karma just came and threw a big rock at their head!”
She still has mixed feelings about the fall-out from her decision to speak out, confessing she’s happy that some legislation has been changed – but she hated upsetting people.
“There’s been laws and stuff changed,” the 47-year-old star continues. “Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Governor (Jerry) Brown passed the strongest Fair Pay Act in the country here in California, and that’s really significant, because California’s the 10th largest economy in the world.”
But she tells WENN, “Looking back, I think I would have worded what I said differently because part of the way I intended to say things was not taken that way. It made me really sad that I hurt people’s feelings or they perceived that I meant things a certain way… (but) I would absolutely have said that and I would keep on saying that. This is an issue for families in America, so I was gonna say something about it.”

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