Patrick Stewart Considering Broadway Gig with Hugh Jackman


Patrick Stewart is keen to hit the Broadway stage with his Logan co-star Hugh Jackman now both actors have stepped away from the X-Men franchise.

The Australian actor has portrayed Wolverine for the last time after almost two decades as the movie mutant in the new X-Men spin-off, and Patrick recently decided now would be the perfect time to quit as Professor Charles Xavier.

“Hugh was on record for quite a while, (saying) this would be his last one,” the British acting veteran said on Good Morning America. “For me, it happened about a week ago, at the Berlin Film Festival (where Logan had its world premiere).

“I was sitting alongside Hugh and the movie was playing so beautifully, and we got to the last couple of minutes, which is very intense, very emotional, and I suddenly felt Hugh had taken my hand, and he was squeezing it, and then I saw him just (wipe away a tear).

“As the credits rolled, I realised there is no better way to say goodbye to this (X-Men franchise) than at this moment, with a film like this, because it’s so beautiful.”

However, Patrick reveals fans will hopefully get the opportunity to see him working alongside Hugh again, as they are keen to do something together in New York, where they both live.

The 76-year-old stopped short of sharing any specific details, but dropped big hints about heading back to the stage.

“We have talked about a project, which might even be here in New York. Maybe in the theatre!” Patrick smiled. “But I won’t miss him because, over the 17 years, we have become such dear friends. I love him so much and so I’ll be seeing him a lot.”

The two actors are no strangers to the theatre – Hugh last appeared on Broadway in a 2014 production of The River, and Patrick starred in the 2013 revival of No Man’s Land.
Earlier this week (begs27Feb17), Hugh also expressed a desire to return to London’s West End.

“I love being here (in the U.K.) but I have kids at school,” he told “At some point in the future I’d love to come to the West End… (My children) are 16 and 11 and they’re at the age where they’d love me to go away because I’m kind of a strict guy at home.”