Patrick Stewart loved first time dressing as a woman

Patrick Stewart loved every minute of his first experience of dressing in women’s clothing.
The 75-year-old star has had a long career on stage and screen, but says he had never dressed up as a woman before donning a dress for an event in Los Angeles last month (Apr16).
“I know all English actors love getting into frocks but I had never ever worn drag before, so I jumped at the opportunity,” he tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.
The veteran actor’s transformation was originally for filming on his U.S. TV show Blunt Talk, but the actor ended up shocking attendees at a promotional event for the show by turning up in a pink dress, high heels and full make-up.
“I was supposed to bring a business suit with me that day and I forgot. Then I thought: ‘Hang on a minute, why don’t I just go as I am?’ I loved every minute of it,” he adds.
Patrick, who recently revealed he will be returning as Professor Charles Xavier in the third Wolverine spin-off from the X-Men film series, enlisted the help of his wife Sunny, 37, to help him master walking in high heels.
“The biggest challenge was the four-inch high heels, so I took them home to practice,” he says. “Sunny was very, very amused – and gave me lots of tips on how to walk. I spent the weekend tottering around until finally I could manage without breaking my ankle. I enjoyed it enormously.”
Despite Sunny being 38 years his junior, he says that the age-difference is not a problem in their relationship.
“She doesn’t keep me young! She’s got nothing to do with it,” he shared. “That’s not why we’re together. In my profession age is irrelevant. As a teenager I had friends decades older than me. So there are no age issues whatsoever.”
Despite admitting he’s now getting old, the actor says the positives of being a substantial age outweigh the negatives.
“I’m 76 in two months’ time,” he explains. “Ageing brings with it some problems but it also brings with it many, many advantages. Your experience of the world is built up; your experience of people is greater. Your knowledge is greater. I look on ageing in that sense of being an advantage for me.”
The second season of Blunt Talk, which follows a British newsman who moves to Los Angeles to work, will air in the U.S. on the Starz network later this year (16).