Patrick Stewart Wants to Return to ‘Star Trek’ if Quentin Tarantino Directs


Patrick Stewart wants in on the new Star Trek movie if rumors suggesting Quentin Tarantino is directing are true.

The Pulp Fiction filmmaker has reportedly pitched producer J.J. Abrams on directing the next Star Trek movie, and the British actor admits he would be interested in reprising his beloved Capt. Jean-Luc Picard character if Tarantino’s in charge.

“People are always saying to me, ‘Will you be Jean-Luc Picard again?'” Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday (08Dec17). “I cannot think that would be possible, but there are ways in which something like that might come about.

“But one of my dreams is to work with Tarantino. I admire his work so much, and to be in a Tarantino film would give me so much satisfaction, so if he is going to direct something to do with Star Trek and there was the possibility of dear old Jean-Luc showing up again and doing that for Mr. Tarantino, I would embrace it.”

Stewart adds, “The one thing that characterizes all of his (Tarantino) movies is that frame by frame, it always challenges, always demands your attention, always demands a very kind of open and generous response to what he does.

“I also love his sense of humor as a filmmaker.”

Sources tell Deadline a Tarantino-directed Star Trek has been fast-tracked by executives at Paramount after the director met with writers recently and discussed his plans for an R-rated sci-fi movie.

Paramount bosses have yet to comment on the speculation.