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Patton Oswalt: ‘My life is a bad 1980s sitcom with no punchlines after wife’s death’

Funnyman Patton Oswalt’s life has become “a bad 1980s sitcom” since his wife’s death in April (16).
The Young Adult star admits he’s still struggling with the idea he’s a widower at 47, but he’s coping as a single dad.
His wife Michelle McNamara died in her sleep at their Los Angeles home, aged 46.
“I’m here,” Oswalt told chat host Conan O’Brien on Monday (26Sep16). “It feels weird to say it – I’m a widower.
“I’m like every bad 1980s sitcom where there’s a dad raising a kid by himself and the mom is somehow… except my 1980s sitcom sucks, there’s no punchlines. There’s a lot of insomnia, there’s a lot of me eating Cheetos for dinner. I’m waiting for my daughter to turn to the camera and go, ‘No wonder I’m in therapy’.”
The recent Emmy Award-winner reveals his seven-year-old daughter Alice has been his strength over the summer as they both attempted to piece together family life following the death of her mum.
“She’s handling it way better than I am,” Oswalt admitted. “Having to tell her her mother passed away is the worst thing I will (ever have to say to her). I can’t imagine ever going through anything (like that).”
The comedian and actor, who was still wearing his wedding ring for his appearance on Conan, also heaped praise on his late wife’s family members and staff at Alice’s school for helping the get him through the first months as a widower.
“She wanted to go back to school immediately,” he smiled. “Her school, and Michelle’s family, and my family basically saved my life those first three months.”
Earlier this month (Sep16), Oswalt dedicated his Emmy win for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special to his beloved late wife, stating, “Every bit of growth that I’ve had in my career, especially in my writing and my performing, came because I met Michelle McNamara… She just was so much wiser and self-actualised and aware of life than I was.”

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