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Patton Oswalt’s Best 10 Onstage Moments

Hilarity. It’s what one man brings everywhere he goes. Well, lots of people bring hilarity, but I’m talking about one specific person here. Patton Oswalt will grace CMF’s International Grand Finale with his presence once more! If you thought he was great presenting at the Paramount last year, you won’t want to miss out at Wynn this year. He’s not only presenting an award, he’s hosting an entire workshop! It’s your chance to learn comedic things from one of the greats! Don’t believe me that he’s great? Well I’ve compiled a few of my favorite videos as evidence of aforementioned hilarity.

Enjoy then make sure you book your stay at Wynn ($129/$159 a night rate ends June 6th at midnight or until rooms run out!) and get your free all-access passes so you can attend the Patton Oswalt workshop!

Patton presented the Golden Tripod Award for Best Story at last year’s International Grand Finale on the Paramount Lot in Hollywood. Watch him in action, then take a look at the rest of the videos and let me know if you agree with this list of Patton Oswalt’s 10 best onstage moments…

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Source: Jessica Reynoso

1. KFC Famous Bowls

2. Stella D’oro Breakfast Treats

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3. Patton on Letterman (with commercial – apologies)

4. Wackity-Schmackity Doo

5. Sky Cake

6. Road Warriors, Depression, Ratatouille Halloween

7. The Douchiest T-shirt Ever

8. Patton on the Star Wars Prequels

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9. Clothing

10. Rats and Orgy

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