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Paul McCartney hired Star Trek creator to make Wings Sci-Fi film

Paul McCartney hired Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry to write a science-fiction film about his band Wings.
After the break-up of The Beatles in 1970, Paul forged ahead of the frontman of Wings, and apparently wanted to emulate his old group’s on-screen success with films like A Hard Day’s Night and Help!
An avid fan of the Star Trek TV series, the musician decided to hire its creator to write a science-fiction epic that would feature Wings as part of an intergalactic battle of the bands competition.
In a new book about the history of Star Trek, The Fifty Year Mission, serialised in The Hollywood Reporter, Gene’s assistant Susan Sackett reveals, “Paul contacted him and was a Star Trek fan. He invited us to a concert, which was great, and we met backstage.
“Paul hired Gene to write a story about the band and it was a crazy story. Paul gave him an outline and Gene was supposed to do something with it. It was bands from outer space and they were having a competition.”
At a loose end after the cancellation of the Star Trek TV series in 1969, Gene accepted the opportunity to turn the rocker’s bizarre movie idea into a script.
However, the possibility of returning to Star Trek scuppered the collaboration as Susan explains, “Gene was open to things at this point; Star Trek wasn’t happening and he wasn’t getting his scripts produced, but he had a family to feed.
“Gene began working on it and it was about the time they started talking about bringing back Trek, so he never got to complete anything for Paul.”
Trying to recall what happened to the aborted script, Susan adds, “I have no idea whatever happened to that. It’s probably stuck in a file, like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.”
WENN has reached out to Paul’s representatives for comment.

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