Paul McCartney open to playing Glastonbury 2020

Paul McCartney is trying to clear his schedule so he can perform at Britain’s Glastonbury festival next year (20).
The Beatles legend has been mooted as a possible headliner for the 2020 event, when founder Michael Eavis will mark the 50th anniversary of the first Glastonbury.
Paul last headlined the Pyramid Stage in 2004, but told BBC Radio 2 host Zoe Ball on Thursday (05Sep19) his kids are trying to persuade him to return.
“I mean people are saying that it would be good if I did it, so I’m starting to think about whether I can or whether it would be a good thing,” he explained. “My kids are saying ‘Dad we’ve got to talk about Glastonbury’ and I think I know what they mean.
“So they go every year, like a lot of people these days, and it is a great festival and we played there quite a long time ago so, maybe it is time to go back, I don’t know. I’d have to put a few things in place and try and do that but it’s starting to become some sort of remote possibility. I mean it’s definitely not fixed yet but people are starting to talk about it.”
Michael has previously singled out the Yesterday singer as his dream booking for Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary celebrations.