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Paul Simon: ‘Simon & Garfunkel split was inevitable’

Simon & Garfunkel were destined to split after their Bridge Over Troubled Water album, because the duo could never have repeated the success of the 1970 release.
Paul Simon spoke candidly about his split from Art Garfunkel in a Grammy Museum chat with fans on Friday night (30Sep16), revealing there was no way he and his partner could have maintained their success after their fifth and final studio album.
“No matter what, we couldn’t have followed Bridge Over Troubled Water…,” he said. “It would have been like my first solo album anyway, because you have to go down and make it smaller and more rhythmic. And that would not be playing to Simon & Garfunkel’s strength, which includes having a big ballad, which Artie can knock out of the park. Singing rhythm was not his forte.
“I already wanted to go to a Jamaican rhythm… I thought, ‘If I want to get this, I’ve gotta go to Jamaica’. That would not have been an easy argument to make to Artie… He wouldn’t have liked that. And probably wouldn’t have liked that song, Mother and Child Reunion.”
Simon also reveals Garfunkel’s acting career was also getting in the way, adding, “It was the movies that broke us up. We were separated for too long by two movies that Artie made.”

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