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Pegg spooked Twitter followers with ghost tweets

The Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol star was so stunned by all the tweets he received from fans after revealing he’d woken one morning to find the door to his attic mysteriously open that he decided to turn the moment into a ghost hunt.

He explains, “So then I said that I woke up in the morning and my dog was underneath, looking up at it (door) and it was shut, which was a lie. And then the next morning I said, ‘It’s open again!’

“I started to get the people genuinely, like, ‘There’s something going on, man… Get up there,’ and so I said, ‘Right, I’m gonna go up there and check what’s going on…’ and then I didn’t tweet for three days.

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“I got my best friend Nick Frost… and my sister Kate to tweet, ‘I’m just going round to see if Simon’s OK; I haven’t heard from him for a while,’ and then they didn’t tweet for three days.

“I wrote to a friend of mine in Greece and got the Greek translation for the sentence: ‘They are my children now, do not try to find them. They are with me…’ and I tweeted it in Greek script, so that all the people were on Google, going, ‘What does it mean, what does it mean…? Oh my God!'”

When Pegg finally returned to Twitter he received hatemail for his “bad ending”.

He adds, “It was like I had written (hit TV series) Lost or something.”

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