Penelope Cruz says she won’t tell

Penelope Cruz, the Spanish beauty who is currently being romanced by her Vanilla Sky co-star Tom Cruise, says she’s quite aware people want to know about her relationship with the mega movie star.

Unfortunately, she isn’t going to talk about it.

“I don’t get angry when I get asked,” she told the Associated Press. “I [just] would never give details about it and I think everyone understands why–because that is the only way to maintain some reality.”

Still, the chemistry between the two stars on the Sky set was evident to all. Cruz credits writer/director Cameron Crowe with creating a comfortable environment where everyone was able to work well together.

“What [Crowe] created on the set was magic from day one,” she said.

Cruz, 27, and Cruise, 39, began dating this summer, after filming Vanilla Sky and after Cruise’s divorce from Nicole Kidman was final.