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Pharrell Williams breaks down barriers with new Adidas Originals line

Pharrell Williams hopes to break down cultural barriers with his new Adidas Originals project.
The musician and producer has worked with the sportswear company since 2014 and last year (15) introduced Hu, short for ‘human’, consisting of limited-edition NMD sneakers.
Now he’s added to the venture with a 14-piece apparel collection alongside five new footwear designs, emblazoned with words including ‘Human’ and ‘Being’.
“Hu is about the recognition and celebration of different colours, spirituality and cultures,” Pharrell told WWD. “I think the point is to highlight the differences so people can realize that despite all those differences, we are all basically the same.”
This new range coincides with a campaign for MHA Nation, standing for the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes, and young members of this community alongside tribe leaders pose in the Hu garments for pictures. Pharrell plans to highlight a different community with each of his Hu lines, providing a platform for those involved.
“Our goal is to tell many different stories,” he noted. “As society evolves, we realise the blend of cultures is an enriching thing. We are learning that we can celebrate our differences and not let them divide us.”
Adidas Originals creative director, Nic Galway, praises the star for his “positivity” and desire to connect with people, as Pharrell hopes to encourage fans to “shine inside out” with his Hu offerings.
Along with the words scrawled onto the sneakers, the phrase ‘Play for the human race’ in English, Japanese and French is among some of the slogans to appear on pieces such as tracksuit pants and sweatshirts.
An online campaign accompanies the new items, featuring a short documentary and still images, which will appear on various social media sites, including the singer’s.
The line will launch in Adidas’ concept stores in Paris and Berlin, Adidas Originals shops, online and at various Billionare Boys Club – Pharrell’s own fashion venture – sites on Thursday (29Sep16).

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